Free Bitcoin – Faucet with luck (ENG)

Free Bitcoin offers many opportunities to increase your coins.

  • FREE BTC: Every hour you get free satoshis for a dice roll.
  • MULTIPLY BTC: Satoshis can be multiplied in a HI-LO dice game.
  • EARN BTC: Satoshis can be „laid out“ to passively multiply. From 30,000 Satoshis on.
  • LOTTERY: Each time you attempt a roll, there are also 2 lottery tickets for the Weekly Lottery Draw.
  • REWARDS: Each time you attempt a roll, there are 2 additional reward points that can be used for goods, coupons or bonuses, in the form of satoshis, lottery tickets or reward points



Every hour you get free satoshis for a dice roll.

The amount depends on the number you roll. Most of the profits are double digited Satoshis amounts. However, within 14 days I was fortunate enough to win a three-digit amount and even a four-digit one.

These Satoshis you won can be used as follows.



In this HI-LO game of chance, the minimum bet is 1 Satoshi. You can bet manually or automatically. Many factors can be set with which the profit distribution can be influenced.

The Auto-Bet variant should be used with caution at the beginning and should be considered only from about 5,000 Satoshis or more on capital. So I have, for example once won over 8,000 Satoshis. But then directly lost again. It also seems that the betting algorithm will, over time, recognize its strategy and adjust accordingly. So do not be cocky and sometimes change the variables.





Extra bonus

Who uses Satoshis in gambling receives in sum all 500 Satoshis

  • 1 lottery ticket and
  • 1 reward point.

In addition, a kind of level bonus increases, which increases to 100% per level. Each level increases the lowest level win, per roll. The speed is multiplied by the purchase of lottery tickets (20x) and the bet on the jackpot number 8888 (4x).



If you have at least 30,000 Satoshis, those can be „laid out“ and then multiply passively. The annual rate here is 4.08%. With 30,000 Satoshis, 3 Satoshis are paid daily.

Not much but if Satoshis are only collected on Coinpot, for example, they could simply be dropped off here and at least a little something comes back. The invested amount can be taken out at any time.




In addition to the lottery tickets from the rolling, they can also be bought. One ticket costs 1 Satoshi. At the end of each week, 10 winners will be drawn who will win Bitcoin’s in increments. The profit is different every week and is probably based on the amount of tickets sold. The last draw was about 1.5 BTC for first place.




In addition to the Satoshis and lottery tickets from the dice, there are on top of that still 2 reward points per litter.

These points can be exchanged for offered products, vouchers or bonus offers.

Interesting are probably only the bonus offers, which are valid for 24 hours. These are, depending on the amount of reward points that are redeemed:

  • 10 to 1000% more Satoshis per dice roll for the lowest tier
  • 1 to 100 additional lottery tickets per dice roll
  • 1 to 100 additional reward points per dice roll

With possible 24 dice rolls per day, so some profits can be obtained in appropriate form. However, to make this worthwhile, this should only be done at a time when you have one day to roll the dice as many times as possible during the 24 hours.

Profits share

I share my winnings with anyone who signs up to Free Bitcoin on my link.

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